Vol 34, No 3 (2006)

Table of Contents

Articles and Reports / Articles et rapports

President's Report / Message de la présidente PDF
Lucinda Walls
Books Received PDF
IAML-IAMIC-IMS Conference in Gothenburg PDF
Alison Hall, Maria Calderisi

Book Reviews / Comptes Rendus

American Music Librarianship PDF
Kathleen McMorrow
Frank Welsman: Canadian Conductor PDF
Stacy Allison-Cassin
In Search of Alberto Guerrero PDF
David Rogosin
One Long Tune: The Life and Music of Lenny Breau PDF
Rob van der Bliek

CD Reviews / Comptes Rendus

Harry Somers PDF
Jennifer Bain
Jeu des portraits PDF
Yoko Hirota
NorthWord: Choral Music of Leonard Enns PDF
Jane Leibel
Schoenberg Piano Music and His 17 Fragments PDF
J. Drew Stephen
The Tokaido PDF
Edward Jurkowski

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