Vol 27, No 2 (2010)

Higher Education for Refugees

Table of Contents


Higher Education for Refugees PDF
Sarah Dryden-Peterson, Wenona Giles

Feature Articles

The Politics of Higher Education for Refugees in a Global Movement for Primary Education PDF
Sarah Dryden-Peterson
“Education Is My Mother and Father”: The “Invisible” Women of Sudan PDF
Amani El Jack
“Knowledge in the Service of the Cause”: Education and the Sahrawi Struggle for Self-Determination PDF
Randa Farah
Beyond Basic Education: Exploring Opportunities for Higher Learning in Kenyan Refugee Camps PDF
Laura-Ashley Wright, Robyn Plasterer
The Politics of Formal Schooling in Refugee Contexts: Education, Class, and Decision Making among Congolese in Uganda PDF
Christina Clark-Kazak
Aspirations for Higher Education among Newcomer Refugee Youth in Toronto: Expectations, Challenges, and Strategies PDF
Yogendra B. Shakya, Sepali Guruge, Michaela Hynie, Arzo Akbari, Mohamed Malik, Sheila Htoo, Azza Khogali, Stella Abiyo Mona, Rabea Murtaza, Sarah Alley
Structural Factors Associated with Higher Education Access for First-Generation Refugees in Canada: An Agenda for Research PDF
Martha K. Ferede

Feature Reports

Access to Secondary and Tertiary Education for All Refugees: Steps and Challenges to Overcome PDF
Marina L. Anselme, Catriona Hands
Paths to a Future for Youth in Protracted Refugee Situations: A View from the Thai-Burmese Border PDF
Mary Purkey
Tertiary Education for Refugees: A Case Study from the Thai-Burma Border PDF
Duncan MacLaren
“Education Changes the World”: The World University Service of Canada’s Student Refugee Program PDF
Glen Peterson

Other Articles

Rough Justice: Inside the British Asylum System PDF
Harvey Burgess
Observations on EXCOM’s 60th Session (2009): Does UNHCR Need (More) EXCOM Conclusions? PDF
Michael Barutciski

Book Reviews

Citizens of Nowhere: From Refugee Camp to Canadian Campus PDF
Robyn Plasterer
Dual Disasters: Humanitarian Aid aft er the 2004 Tsunami PDF
Michael Collyer
To Feel at Home Abroad or No Place Like Home: Meanings of Displacement in Refugee Studies PDF
Nergis Canefe

ISSN: 1920-7336