Vol 18, No 5 (2000): Health Issues Affecting Displaced Populations

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Health Issues Affecting Displaced Populations: The Evolution of Public Health Response in Emergency and Post-Emergency Phases of Complex Emergencies PDF
Paul B. Spiegel
Malaria Control in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies PDF
John R MacArthur, Holly A Williams, Peter B Bloland
An Ongoing Omission: Adolescent and Adult Malnutrition in Famine Situations PDF
Peter Salama, Steve Collins
Water for the Displaced Population's Health: An Urban-Rural Dichotomy Revisited PDF
Alpaslan Özerdem, Sultan Barakat
Reproductive Health Issues AfTecting Displaced Populations PDF
Samantha Guy
Good Practice in Public Health: Thinking About the Economies of Complex Emergencies PDF
Danielle Deboutte
Continuous Quality Improvement Applied to Outpatient Health Care Delivery in Displaced Persons Camps PDF
Paul B. Spiegel,, Ellen Lynch, Narendra M. Patel
Rapid Assessment of Centers for Displaced Unaccompanied Children in Rwanda during the 1994 Crisis PDF
Joseph J. Valadez, James Sherry
Kosovar Refugee Assessments in Montenegro and A1bania PDF
Vincent Brown, William Perea, Graziella Godain,, Eric Dachy,, Marta Valenciano
The Practice of Immigration Health in Complex Emergency Situations - A Case Study of Kosovo from March to July 1999 PDF
Brian D. Gushulak, D. W. MacPherson, H. Prochazka, M. M. Cooper

ISSN: 1920-7336