Vol 18, No 3 (1999)

Table of Contents


Introduction PDF
Susanne Schmeidl


Early Warning and "Ethnie" Confliet Management: Rwanda and Kosovo PDF
Howard Adelman
A Short Note about "Humanitarian War" PDF
Liam O'Hagan
Kosovo and the Evolution of State Sovereignty PDF
Gary Schaub, Jr
Towards Reliable and Responsible Atrocities-Policing PDF
Peter Penz
Why Kosovo? PDF
Glen Segell
Positive and Negative Identity Satisfiers in the Kosovo Cont1ict PDF
Valery Perry
Moving From Crisis Reaction to Crisis Respon~e: A Six-Point Non-Violent Alternative to the Bombing Campaign PDF
David Dyck
Semai Violence and the Crisis in Kosovo PDF
Frances T. Pilch
The Dangers of "Safe Havens" for Kosovo PDF
Bill Frelick
Refugeef and Intemally Displaced: Some Lessons from i the Kosovo Crisis PDF
Roberta Cohen, David A. Korm
Thrkey's Warm Welcome of Kosovar Refugees PDF
Frances Trix
Kosovar Refugees and National Security PDF
Yannis A. Stivachtis
Kosovo's Refugees and the ED: Wherein Lies the Threat? PDF
Joanne van Selm

ISSN: 1920-7336