Vol 13, No 6 (1993)

Table of Contents


Mozambican Refugees and International Assistance PDF
Ian Smith


Political and Economie Impacts of Refugees: Some Observations on Mozambican Refugees in Malawi PDF
Lewis B. Dzimbiri
An Environmental Argument Against Mozambican Refugee Camps in Malawi PDF
Ian Smith
Refugees as a Development Resource: The case of the Mozambican refugees in Malawi PDF
Violet Bonga
The Political Dynamics of Refugee Food Assistance in Malawi PDF
Agnes Callamard
Cultural Vulnerability of Retuming Refugee Children: The Mozambican Wamakonde in Tanzania PDF
J.A.R. Wembah-Rashid
Official Repatriation from Malawi to Mozambique: A View From the Top PDF
Olaf Tataryn Juergensen
Refugee-Host Interactions: A Field Report from the Ukwimi Mozambican Refugee Settlement, Zambia PDF
Véronique Lassailly-Jacob

ISSN: 1920-7336