Vol 24, No 1 (2007): Urban Refugees

Table of Contents


Urban Refugees: Introduction PDF
Anita Fábos, Gaim Kibreab

Feature Articles

Legal Refugee Recognition in the Urban South: Formal v. de Facto Refugee Status PDF
Michael Kagan
Why Governments Prefer Spatially Segregated Settlement Sites for Urban Refugees PDF
Gaim Kibreab
“Forgotten,” “Hidden”: Predicaments of the Urban Refugee PDF
Philip Marfleet
To Be or Not To Be: Urban Refugees in Kampala PDF
Jesse Bernstein, Moses Chrispus Okello
Insiders but Outsiders: The Struggle for the Inclusion of Asylum Seekers and Refugees in South Africa PDF
M. Florencia Belvedere
“Who Can Be Added”: The Effects of Refugee Status Determination and Third Country Resettlement Processes on the Marriage Strategies, Rites, and Customs of the Southern Sudanese in Cairo PDF
Lorraine Currie
Transnational Somali Families in Cairo PDF
Mulki Al-Sharmani
Refugees in Cities: The Politics of Knowledge PDF
Ellen Lammers
Restricted Access: The Role of Social Capital in Mitigating Absolute Homelessness among Immigrants and Refugees in the GVRD PDF
Silvia D'Addario, Dan Hiebert, Kathy Sherrell
De la campagne à la ville à la recherche de protection : Le cas colombien du déplacement forcé PDF
Flora Edilma Osorio Pérez

Research Note

Citoyens sans frontières PDF
Danilo Santos de Miranda

Other Articles

Generosity and Resilience: Transnational Activity among the Khmer of Norway PDF
Gwynyth Jones Overland, Virak Yenn
IDP and Refugee Return to Northern Iraq: Sustainable Returns or Demographic Bombs? PDF
David Romano

Book Reviews

The Rights of Refugees under International Law PDF
James C. Hathaway

ISSN: 1920-7336