Vol 30, No 1 (2014)

Refuge 30.1 - General Issue

Table of Contents


Displaced Sudanese Voices on Education, Dignity, and Humanitarian Aid PDF
Friedrich W. Affolter, Carine Allaf
Displaced Girlhood: Gendered Dimensions of Coping and Social Change among Conflict- Affected South Sudanese Youth PDF
Marisa O. Ensor
Social Navigation and the Resettlement Experiences of Separated Children in Canada PDF
Myriam Denov, Catherine Bryan
Childhood in Exile: The Agency of Second-Generation Exiles Seeking Refuge from Apartheid PDF
Zosa Olenka De Sas Kropiwnicki
Queer Settlers: Questioning Settler Colonialism in LGBT Asylum Processes in Canada PDF
Katherine Fobear
A Study of the Experiences of Integration and Settlement of Afghan Government-Assisted Refugees in Halifax, Canada PDF
Shiva Nourpanah
The “Bogus” Refugee: Roma Asylum Claimants and Discourses of Fraud in Canada’s Bill C-31 PDF
Petra Molnar Diop
“Waiting for a Wife”: Transnational Marriages and the Social Dimensions of Refugee “Integration” PDF
Lisa Ruth Brunner, Jennifer Hyndman, Alison Mountz
Adult Refugee Learners with Limited Literacy: Needs and Effective Responses PDF
John Benseman

ISSN: 1920-7336