Volume 21, Number 3-4: September-December 2012

Table of Contents


Introduction to the Special Issue: Inequality, Skill, and Globalisation
Nathalie Chusseau, Joël Hellier


Globalisation and Inequality: Where do we stand?
Nathalie Chusseau, Joël Hellier
Social Inequalities and International Trade: A Cross-Country Perspective
Andrzej Cieślik, Jan Jakub Michałek, Jerzy Mycielski
Changes in Wage Inequality in Mexico: A Decomposition Analysis
Claudia Tello
Working Poor Trajectories
Joël Hellier
Accounting for Mexican Income Inequality During the 1990s
Rafael De Hoyos
On the Cross-Country Relationship between Poverty, Income Distribution, and Development
Massoud Karshenas, Graham Pyatt

ISSN: 1874-6322