Vol 18 (2014)

End Times and Beginnings

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End Times and Beginnings: A Retrospective and Relaunch PDF

Online Exclusive

Hacking It; Laying New Pipe; & Clearing The Ground
Joel Weishaus

Academic-Creative Compilations

(Mis)reading Revelations: Apocalyptic Visions and Environmental Crisis & Augury: Elegy PDF
Michael Young, Jessica Marion Barr 7-17
Witnessing the Wasteland: Sight, Sound and Response in Edith Sitwell’s “Three Poems of the Atomic Age.”; Meeting in the Meadow; & The Twins PDF
O. J. Cade, Elana Santana 18-24
The End of the Beginning: Environmental Apocalypse on the Cusp in Scott Fotheringham’s The Rest is Silence and Nicolas Dickner’s Apocalypse for Beginners; InVoice; Road’s End; & The Outside PDF
Conrad Scott, Portia Priegert, Darren Patrick, Frank Frances 28-37
“The Poem is the World”: Re-Thinking Environmental Crisis Through William Carlos Williams’ Paterson; Return; & Leaving PDF
Sarah Nolan, Elana Santana 38-43


The Imaginations of Humanitarian Assistance: A Machete to Counter the Crazy Forest of Varying Trajectories PDF
Omer Aijazi 46-51


Laying More Pipe
Joel Weishaus 1
Deer Star Antlers JPG
Gary Barwin 26
My Nobel Prize
Gary Barwin 25
Quark for Wyatt
Gary Barwin 27
Just Before The Wolf Came. JPG
Darren Patrick 44-45

Book Reviews

Climate Change - Who’s Carrying the Burden?
Miranda Baksh 52-53
City Farmer: Adventures in Urban Food Growing
Michael Classens 53-54
Haiti’s new Dictatorship: The Coup, the Earthquake and the UN Occupation
Natali Downer 54-55
The Biopolitics of Mixing: Thai Multiracialities and Haunted Ascendancies
Aedan Hoar 55-56
Celebrity Humanitarianism: The Ideology of Global Charity
Sonja Killoran-McKibbin 56-57
Health and Sustainability in the Canadian Food System: Advocacy and Opportunity for Civil Society
Crystal Lamont 57-58
The Natural City: Re-Envisioning the Built Environment
Madison Van West 58-59

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End Times and Beginnings PDF


REVIEWERS Dara Blumenthal, Naomi De Szegheo-Lang, Amanda Di Battista, Ronak Ghorbani Nejad, Oded Haas, Victoria Ho, Kelly Ladd, Jessica Lee, Adam Linnard, Andrew Mark, Michaela McMahon, Marianna Szczygielska, Coral Voss, Ciann Wilson

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